Youth Today

  1. According to the UN report, 1 million heroin addicts are registered in India, and as per an unofficial sources there are as many as 5 million.
  2. In Uttar Pradesh, Dubeand Handa; reported that 22.8 per 1000 were dependent on alcohol and drugs.
  3. 21.4 % children in 12-18years consume alcohol (IBN LIVE)
  4. 60 %increase in alcohol intake 19-26 years majority students (IBN LIVE)
  5. 5500 youths start taking tobacco everyday joining the 4 million club in INDIA of under 15 years ( Indian Pediatrics).
  6. India has the highest rates of suicide among people within the age 15 to 29. In 2013, 2,471 students committed suicide due to “failure in examination” and not able to cope with pressure. (Time of India)
  7. 2 of 10 boys in age 15 to 19 are addicted to alcohol. – 2012 survey by health and family welfare ministry
  8. Depression amongst Indian students has increased from 2 to 12% in last 5 years.

What We Do?

Maslows Pyramid of Human Needs enlists the natural human needs for an Overall Wellness, when these basic needs are unmet or disturbed humans develop false needs for Addiction and Intoxication. Dissatisfaction of these needs also disturb the Emotional personality of a individual thus leading to unhealthy interpersonal relationships and dealings.

We provide a Overall Wellness Program to the Youths. When their basic needs are satisfied, they naturally overcome the false need of Addiction and grow as an Overall Personality.


Our Methodology

The methodology we follow is coherent with the Maslow’s Pyramid of Human needs.

Our standard process involves taking the students across the following in the chronological order as mentioned:

  •  Spreading awareness of the need.
  •  Holding one-time programs, presentations, and monthly meetings.
  •  For the needy and the interested students, conduct well-designed and approved certificate-courses for de-addiction, skill development and handling academic pressures, through motivational programs, training modules, meditation techniques and yoga retreats.
  •  Helping students to build peer friendship to overcome peer pressures, through communal gatherings and social service activities like cleaning, plantations etc.
  • Helping individual students with counselling and scholarships to bright students.
  •  Facilitating free books and library facilities to economically backward students staying away from their homes.
  • Assisting the needy students by providing them free hygienic and nutritious food plus homely accommodations next to their institutes.
  • Arranging basic health care for students in emergencies.
  •  Providing experts’ guidance in students’ preparation for training and placement.
  • Providing stage and opportunities to students willing to help others through their talents.
  •  Helping people connect with each other for the common causes we share.

Project Beneficiaries

The Project benefits youths across North India