Students’ Testimonials

Before being introduced to Vocational Training Program, I was badly troubled by stage fear, lack of communication, no fluency in language, inferiority complex, lack of computer skills and I did not know how to deal with people.
Their Culture helped me a lot because there everyone always corresponds with each other in English language and the encouragement we received there for improving our self is wonderful. Also I came across some wonderful meditation and yoga practices .Books like “Art of concentration in the age of distraction”, “Self manager”, “Proactive leader” helped me very much. They also helped me in grooming my computer skills which boosted my confidence.
I am extremely grateful to them and their training because the problems which I was facing before have been cured up to 90% and now I am very confident to deal with situations.
Akshay Goliyan
Batch 2019, B.Tech MNNIT ALLAHABAD
Actually when I was in first year, I was addicted to smoking and drinking because of wrong association of my peers I also used to watch pornography with friends and it was very dangerous. Because of these self-devastating habits I was lacking self-confidence. I tried to get rid of all these bad habits by reading some books and similar other stuffs but that did not helped me.
But after I was introduced to ISKCON volunteers, their motivation and good association helped me overcome all these wrong habits and addictions. This happened because of the good training in character and values, starvation of the bad habits, and supplementing good habits and hobbies like meditation, yoga and art of positive thinking. I am very thankful to them for providing such facility.
Brajesh Kumar Adarsh
Batch 2017, B.Tech AITH KANPUR
Before meeting ISKCON volunteers, I did not have a good friend circle. People in my association were always abusing and exploiting each other but ISKCON volunteers gave me wonderful association by which I felt encouraged in improving my character because previously due to loose character of my surrounding people I also felt that world is like this and I also have to become like them. They helped me from becoming a person of low character.
I got nice association of my seniors, who were also connected to ISKCON volunteers. They always treated me like their own brother, helped and guided me in my studies. I was little introvert while dealing with people before meeting them. But because of very healthy culture of talking respectfully in English, I improved my English speaking skills. I also learnt a skills like time management. I would really like to thank them because they provided me a family atmosphere where everyone is concerned for the development of others. I am very grateful to them for giving me this incredible gift.
Prakhar Agrawal
Batch 2014, B.Tech HBTU KANPUR
In my early school and college days, it was a frequent problem of having inferiority complex or being stressed by better performing friends. Also I use to get irritated and angry in small things and it was becoming my nature.
After observing that it was hampering my academics and peace of mind I tried many things like reading books related to mind control but without proper guidance all went in vain.
But after I came to the association of ISKCON volunteers and training program provided by them I started regular practice of meditation and good conduct. In a very short time I could give up all those bad habits. Being a part of that training I developed good communication skills and a certain degree of confidence to manage things in my life. So, I am really grateful to them for what all they have given me.
Abhishek Pradhan
Batch 2019, – IIT BHU
When I came to Kanpur in 2013 , in my first year I was very introvert and due to my low rank , I felt inferior among my friends .Most problem I faced from college seniors who used to rag me and it further increased my inferiority complex . I tried to befriend some of my classmates, but all were mostly either too much in intoxication and drugs or in self-destructive habits.
One day through seminar on positive habit cultivation and importance of association, I got in touch with ISKCON volunteers who unlike other seniors never pointed out our faults rather encouraged us in our good fields .They selflessly helped me by giving their valuable time and energy in regular guidance in studies, forum of personality development like interacting with many students, and physical and mental fitness through yoga and meditation.
I am very grateful to them, that they gave us marvelous training and lifestyle to become principle centered leader .Today as I pass from college into industry life, I march with confidence to face corporate world nicely.
Vaibhav Joshi
Batch 2017 B.Tech HBTU Kanpur
I am from a very poor rural background of Himachal Pradesh . Although I got selected in an NIT but I was not in a very good financial standing , but ISKCON volunteers provided me support by giving me nice hostel facility where they provide extremely pure , clean , hygienic and properly cooked food .
They also helped me by paying around Rs. 10000 – 14000 for one very important Skills Training Workshop. I also got very nice assistance regarding medication worth Rs. 800 during my ill health (7 days hospitalized). I got straight forward guidance for future goal of placements and pure life from this training. My financial problem regarding purchasing of book was also solved because my seniors provided me all necessary book and computer assistance for my studies in all subjects.
I would really like to thank them because without their help, support and guidance, it would have been very difficult for me to continue my studies as well as to maintain good character and values.
Pradeep Kumar